An ejournal is a digital version of a printed journal or magazine. They are a great way of keeping up-to-date with the latest developments and research within your chosen subject area. They can be published regularly, for example every month, or not so regularly, depending on the journal in question.

Ejournals will be published either individually or within an ejournals database. The majority of our ejournals are held within databases and you will have to search these databases for journal titles or articles. To know what databases are most suitable to search, please browse our A-Z database listings or consult our ejournals guide which will help direct you to relevant ejournal databases.

To access most ejournals, you will be prompted to login – if so, enter in your student number and password to gain access. If you’re not sure or are having problems logging into any ejournals or ejournal databases, ask a member of staff, or consult our ejournals guide for more details.