A - Z Journals and Magazines

What is a journal?

A journal is essentially an academic magazine. Journals normally focus on a topic area and contain multiple articles about that topic area.

Journals and journal articles focus on specific topics in much more depth than a textbook and they usually contain more current and cutting-edge information - so they are great if you are researching a topic and want to find out the most current information on it. The library stocks mostly academic journals although we also have some commercial magazines available.

Please see our A-Z below of our current journals and magazine stock. Where an electronic version of a journal is available, a link to the journal is provided.

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Title Sort ascending Description Location Availability Journal URL
Decanter City Campus Print
Dazed and Confused Electronic https://reader.exacteditions.com/magazines/434/issues/
Croner's Employment Law Bulletin City Campus Print
Croner's Employment Law City Campus Print
Credit Management City Campus Print
Creative Review City Campus Print
Crafts City Campus Electronic, Print http://www.exacteditions.com/login/crafts
Conference News City Campus Print
Conference and Meetings World City Campus Print
Co-Kinetic City Campus Print
Chef Magazine City Campus Print
Chartered Banker City Campus Print
Caterer and Hotelkeeper City Campus Print
Cake Craft and Decoration City Campus Print
Business Review City Campus Print
Broadcast City Campus Print
British Journal of Photography City Campus Print http://www.bjp-online.com/
BioMedCentral Electronic http://Biomedcentral.com
BCIS Quarterly Review of Building Prices City Campus Print
Artists and Illustrators Magazine City Campus Print
Art Review City Campus Print
Art Monthly Electronic https://reader.exacteditions.com/magazines/351/issues/
Aperture City Campus Print
Another Man Electronic http://www.exacteditions.com/iplogin/another_man
AnOther Magazine Electronic http://www.exacteditions.com/iplogin/another_magazine
Aesthetica City Campus Electronic, Print http://www.aestheticamagazine.com/index.htm
Abitare City Campus Print