Library Workshops and Sessions

If you would like to book any of our workshops, please email, stating:

  • which workshop you are interested in booking;
  • whether you are a student or staff member;
  • preferable dates


The library delivers several online workshops for both students and staff:


For staff 


Using Cite them Right and Zotero  

Find out how both staff and students can get the most out of our online referencing resource, Cite Them Right. The resource promotes an understanding of what plagiarism is, how to avoid and provides the relevant scaffolding for students when writing a bibliography. The session will also cover using the free resource, Zotero, which allows students to record sources while carrying out research.   
Tools for Research  

Working towards your TQFE?  Find out about the academic tools and resources that can help you in your learning and teaching development. 

Basics of Copyright  

Clueless about copyright? Get an introduction to copyright and learn how it affects learning and teaching. Find out about the tools and resources available, including library licenses, that can help you in this area.  


OERs and Creative Commons in learning and teaching  

Open Educational Resources (OER) are teaching, learning, and research materials that are either (a) in the public domain or (b) licensed in a manner that provides everyone with permission to use. Find out about the best tools and resources in open education. 

Digital Resources for teaching in your subject area 

Learn what the college library service has access to in your area of expertise. Access eBooks and large industry wide databases and collections at college and from home, you won’t be short of content. 



For students 


Online Library induction

Book your class in to get a basic introduction on using the library and what services are available for students. 


Digital Resources in your area

Explore the library's digital collections including ebooks, ejournals, and industry databases, and which are best suited to help you with your studies and research.


Referencing and bibliographies

This session will guide students through what referencing is and why it matters in college work. It will cover what plagiarism is and how to students can avoid it. Students will also gain an understanding of how to gather the necessary information for writing a bibliography. We will explore how to use our e-resource, Cite Them Right, to make referencing easier, and how to use free resource Zotero to record sources. 


Research skills

A workshop tailored to your subject area. We will look at how to search effectively, how to assess search results to ensure they are reliable, and provide an overview of the key library resources in a chosen subject area. The session will also promote good record keeping during research.   


Power-up your college work

A follow-up session after a referencing or research session. The session will answer student questions and tackle any sticking points students may have found since attending a library-led session. Ideal refresher for later in the academic year or when changing block. 


Savvy about statistics

Looking at the statistics available within library resources, especially Statista, you'll discover how to use this in college work. Exploring what the library holds, general information on data (qualitative v quantitative), examples in relevant subject literature, framing of survey questions, and how this affects responses.