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Library Policies

Library policies


Your library regulations

We have rules to help ensure the smooth running of our library service and to provide a welcoming and friendly environment. Our resources, including online content, are for educational use only.

Our Libraries Manager may change services, such as opening hours or access to content whenever necessary. Equipment such as laptops can only be used within the library and must not be taken outside of the library. The Libraries Manager can remove your right to borrow.


Borrowing of books, journals, DVDs and equipment

Your student identity card is your library card. Items will only be issued to you with a valid student card. Students who have forgotten their card cannot borrow any items.

STUDENTS: Students can borrow 10 items at any one time.

STAFF: Membership of the library is open to all members of staff. Staff may borrow 20 items at any one time.

You are responsible for the items on your account.


Overdue items & fines

Students are charged at the following fines rates if they allow items they have borrowed to become overdue:

4 week loans: 10p per day up to a maximum of £2

1 week loans: 10p per day up to a maximum of £2

1 day loans: 50p per day up to a maximum of £5

Renewal of items

You can only renew overdue library items once your fines have been paid and cleared. You can renew items twice online without the item being seen by library staff. After this, you should bring the items you wish to renew into the library to be renewed. Long overdue items, where the fine has reached £2 per item, 20 days+, can only be renewed on library staff seeing the item.


Lost, damaged and stolen goods

If you lose or badly damage items you are responsible for paying the full replacement cost of the item. Alternatively, you can provide the library with a replacement copy of the item. If your items are stolen we will expect you to provide a police report as proof that these items have been stolen and we will remove the cost of replacement from your account.

As a student of City of Glasgow College, you are responsible for:

  • Keeping your student identity card safe and not letting anyone else use it
  • Keeping anything you borrow in good condition and not passing them to anyone else
  • Returning anything you borrow on time. We will try to send you reminder notices but you should not rely on these. All items are date stamped with the return date on the first page
  • Paying for items you lose or damage. Our books, journals, DVDs and equipment are college property. In line with the student code of conduct, you will be financially liable for any damages or loss of college property.

Return/payment of items that have been invoiced

Students who have long overdue materials will be invoiced by the College Finance department. A note indicating this will be recorded on each invoiced item and on your library account. Once returned or paid for, your account will be cleared and you are welcome to borrow items from our libraries.

Fines disputes/claim returns

In the rare case of a dispute over fines or claim returns, the matter can be referred to a librarian. If the item is on your account and not on our shelves you are responsible for the items. 


Your library spaces at City and Riverside Campuses

To keep a good working environment for everyone, we encourage you to not:

  • Eat in the library. This is to ensure equipment is available in a good state for all our students and that collections are not damaged and/or become unclean. You may bring drinks into the library but they must be covered.
  • Make too much noise (including talking on mobile phones). It is important to be respectful of other students studying.
  • Do anything else that disturbs or distracts other students and staff that are studying and working in the library

Please be aware that Level 5 at City Campus is for quiet study only. It also contains a silent study room where talking is not permitted. We would encourage use of the designated collaboration spaces in each library for group discussion and studying. If the Libraries Manager, or senior members of staff present considers your behaviour unnacceptable, they can suspend you from using library services. We will assume you have read and understood the student code of conduct and report this behaviour to your Curriculum Head. We, as a library service, try our utmost to encourage students to keep noise to a minimum  - please help our teams by alerting them to any unnecessary disruptions or unnacceptable levels of noise.


IT equipment and software

When you use college equipment, you agree to the Acceptable Use Policy. Software on our equipment has been purchased for educational use only.



Entry to our City Campus Library after 5pm is by door swipe access using your student identity card. As documented in the student code of conduct policy, you must carry your card at all times for physical access to college services and as a form of identification. A member of staff can legally ask you to show your card to confirm your access to the library service and as a form of identification.

We have electronic security systems in place to stop theft of library items. If the alarm sounds, please check you have had all your borrowed items issued to you. If it is a false alarm, go to one of our service points and library staff will check any library items you may have. In the event of an emergency, leave the building immediately, following any instructions you have been given or see on notices.








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