Printing, scanning and photocopying



There are several printers dotted throughout the libraries on each floor. The college operates a 'follow-me' printing scheme whereby you can print off your documents from any printer within the library. Simply top-up your account and you're good to go! You can top up your account from the library service points, and the cost of your prints will be deducted from this balance. The library offers black & white and colour printing, in A4 and A3.


You can use the MFD's (found on each floor of both campus libraries) to scan a document to a memory stick. Please ask to borrow a memory stick if you don't have one.


If you require a paper copy of a document, you can do this using our printers. Simply find a printer within the library and follow the instructions next to the printer. You pay for photocopies in the exact same way as prints - pay to top up your account at the library service points and the cost of your copies will be automatically deducted. The library offers black & white and colour photocopying, in A4 and A3.