A - Z Journals and Magazines

What is a journal?

A journal is essentially an academic magazine. Journals normally focus on a topic area and contain multiple articles about that topic area.

Journals and journal articles focus on specific topics in much more depth than a textbook and they usually contain more current and cutting-edge information - so they are great if you are researching a topic and want to find out the most current information on it. The library stocks mostly academic journals although we also have some commercial magazines available.

Please see our A-Z below of our current journals and magazine stock. Where an electronic version of a journal is available, a link to the journal is provided.

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Title Sort descending Description Location Availability Journal URL
International Journal of Athletic Therapy & Training City Campus Print
Journal of Advertising Research

Back issues only

City Campus Print
Journal of Architectural Conservation City Campus Print
Journal of Building Survey Appraisal & Valuation City Campus Print
Journal of Sport Rehabilitation City Campus Print

Explore the use of contemporary science and technology in the arts and music and, increasingly, the application and influence of the arts and humanities on science and technology.

Electronic https://www.mitpressjournals.org/action/showPublications
Metalsmith City Campus Print
Modern History Review City Campus Print
Money Week

Back issues only

City Campus Print
National Geographic City Campus Print
Naval Architect Riverside Print
New Civil Engineer City Campus Print
Nursing Standard

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Electronic https://journals.rcni.com/nursing-standard
On Board Hospitality Electronic https://www.onboardhospitality.com/latest-issue/
People Management

Back issues only

City Campus Print
Photographer City Campus Print
PLOS journals (Public Library of Science)

Free to access articles

Electronic https://www.plos.org/
Politics Review City Campus Print
Practical Electronics Magazine Riverside Print
Project Scotland City Campus Print
Psychology Review City Campus Print
Research Quarterly for Exercise & Sport City Campus Print
Safety Management Riverside Print
Scottish Educational Journal

Back issues only

Scottish Licensed Trade News City Campus Print
Scottish Travel Agents News City Campus Print
Sight & Sound City Campus Print
Sleeper Magazine Electronic http://www.sleepermagazine.com/
So Good City Campus Print
Sociology Review City Campus Print
Source - the Photographic Review City Campus Print
Sports Injury Bulletin

Back issues only

City Campus Print
Stage City Campus Electronic https://reader.exacteditions.com/magazines
Supply Management

Back issues only

City Campus Print
Teaching Drama City Campus Print
Telegraph (NAUTILUS) Riverside Print