General Usage Guidelines

The general usage guidelines apply to all students and staff who use the libraries at Riverside and City Campus. 

Our library services team are completely focused on providing a supported, welcoming and safe environment and offering our students and those who use the libraries the best service we can at all times. 

As you are automatically registered as a library member when you become a student, you are expected to abide by the general usage guidelines. These guidelines are to ensure a positive learning and study space for all.  


Feedback and complaints 

Library services follow the College procedures for feedback and complaints, visit the college website to learn how to submit feedback on our service or use the following link if you wish to raise a complaint. Complaint and feedback forms can also be found at the library service points and at reception desks at both campuses. 

Library services are reviewed as part of the Customer Service Excellence standard.  


Food and drink  

Library services must maintain a clean and healthy environment at all times and provide spaces that are hygienic and clean to use. 


Hot and cold drinks, provided they are in spill proof containers with lids, are allowed in all areas of our libraries. We do not allow drinks that are in mugs or cups without a lid, or flasks. This is to reduce the risk of spillage that can cause damage to college property or create a trip hazard. 


Eating is not permitted in any area of the libraries. No hot or cold food, or food that was hot and is now cold, can be eaten anywhere in the libraries. Our staff are authorised to request you clear your desk of all rubbish. All persons using the library must help to keep our spaces clean and tidy and use the waste bins provided to dispose of any rubbish. If our staff observe you eating in the library, you will be asked to take it to one of the many designated eating areas in the College. 



Library services provide study spaces that can accommodate all modes of study, be it silent, individual or group. While you are in the library, please ensure your phone is on silent or muted to not disturb others studying. If you receive a phonecall while in the library, please take your phonecall outside of the library to not disturb others. 

City Campus Library is on three levels. (The library is on Levels 3, 4 & 5) 

Level 3 has bookable spaces for group work and a level of noise is expected. Level 3 can accommodate students attending online webinars and classes, provided headphones or headsets are used.   

Level 4 has individual study spaces; no booking is required. Please keep noise levels to a minimum so as not to disturb other students. If staff believe you are working as a group and disturbing others, we reserve the right to request you and your study group move to Level 3. 

Level 5 has individual study spaces; no booking is required. Level 5 is our quiet study level. Those using Level 5 are asked to keep their noise levels as low as possible and, if they do need to speak, to lower their voice to a whisper. A silent study room is also provided. 


Riverside Campus Library is on one level. (The library is on Level 1) 

All users of the library are requested to be aware that others are using the library to study. 


Filming or taking photographs in the library 

If you want to film or take photographs in the library, please do not disturb our students who are using the libraries for study and research. 

If you want to film or take photographs the library, please talk to our one of the team at our service points for authorisation. If other persons in the library will be in the photograph or film, please ensure you ask for their permission if they are in shot and respect their right to privacy. 


Behaviour in the library 

The library services team may ask you to move or leave the library if they consider your behaviour is disturbing or disrespectful to others. 

If the Libraries Manager, or senior members of staff present, consider any behaviour unacceptable, they can suspend you from using library services. We will assume you have read and understood the student code of conduct and report this behaviour to your Curriculum Head. 

For any queries regarding our usage guidelines, please contact the Libraries Manager Penny Robertson

For all general queries, contact the library helpdesk  or call City Campus Library 0141 375 6824 or Riverside Campus Library 0141 375 5333