Storing and Saving your work


When storing and saving your work it’s important to save it to more than one location (i.e. computer AND online drive) as this way, if one of them fails, you’ll always have a backup. We also have memory sticks for sale on all floors of the library if you need to buy one.

Students are set up with a City of Glasgow College Office 365 account, which provides students with:

• Access to OneDrive personal storage space
• A college email address,
• Free access to the online version of Microsoft Office software.

Make sure you have signed up for your college Office 365 account as it has many benefits to help you through your studies. It’s also important to sign up as your lecturers may email you via your college email account to communicate with you throughout the academic year.

When saving work to computers in the college you must save your files to your own user account (your home drive), otherwise you will not see the files if you log into another computer in the college.

Your user account can be found by:

• Clicking on the “Save As” button, when the save dialog box opens up
• Click the “This PC” section on the left hand side of the dialog box.
• Scroll down to the “Network Locations” tab and select the drive that has your student number.
• Double click on the drive and it will open up to reveal files you have saved previously - this is where you should save your work to ensure you’ll have access to it next time you log on, wherever you are on the college campus.