Digital resources for studying


As well as all the print resources available from our physical library, the library provides you with free access to a huge selection of digital resources designed to help you with your course studies. Our digital library is accessible 24/7 and is great for wherever you're studying - on campus, at home or on the go.

To browse our digital resources please see our A-Z listing.

In our digital library you will find resources such as:

• ebooks
• academic ejournals (e-magazines)
• TV and radio recordings;
• subject-specific videos and tutorials
• statistics and business information websites
• image banks
• digital maps
• professional industry standards & legislation

Or alternatively, you can consult our subject guides, which point you in the direction of all the best library resources, including digital resources, for your subject area.

To access many of our digital resources you will have to login with your student number and password. Always:

• look for the option to log in by institution,
• choose Shibboleth,
• search for City of Glasgow College and
• when prompted sign in using your college username and password

If you have any problems accessing our digital resources, please contact us at