Stationery Shop


We sell a small collection of stationery at both our campus libraries. Items are available for sale from any of our service points, during staffed library opening hours.

Our current stationery for sale includes:


Writing Pads

Ruled A4 (80/200 sheets)  80p/£2.00 each
Reporter’s notebook  65p   each
Spiral notebook (A5/A4)  65p/£2.35 each
Graph A4 (50 sheets) £2.10 each


Writing Equipment

Pen  30p  each
Liquid ink pen  30p  each
Pencil   15p each
Mechanical pencil  80p each
Ruler (large/small) 25p/10p each
Rubber  20p  each
Sharpener  30p  each
Colour pencils (12 pack) £2.15 per pack
Highlighter 70p each
Glue stick (Small/Large) 20p/40p each
Sticky book tabs 40p each
Large envelope 10p  each
Flash cards (100) £1.00 each
Protractor 40p each
Compass £4.75 each
4-piece Drawing Set £1.40 each



Poly pocket 10p each
A3 Poly pocket 15p each
A3 presentation file 55p each
Ring binder £1.00 each
Project folder (30 max) 85p each
Project folder (60 max) £1.00 each
Divider pack 30p each
Popper wallet  (A5/A4) 50p/£1.00 each
Popper wallet  (A3) £1.50 each
Display file (20 pockets) £1.60 each
Display file (40 pockets) £2.30 each
Spine Binders (30 max) 10p each
Spine Binders (60 max)  20p each
A4 Lever Arch Folder  £1.45 each


Electronic Equipment

Calculator £5.60 each
Scientific Calculator  £12.00 each
32GB Flash drive    £6.00   each



A4 Acetate  30p each